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The most powerful quoting and business management software for the Window Covering Industry.
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Aaron and Reneé LeCornu

Aaron & Renee LeCornu



Built by the industry for the industry, by industry professionals.

Smartpad Pro is designed and run by Aaron and Renee LeCornu who with a combined 30+ years of experience in retail and manufacturing of window coverings bring unparalleled knowledge and direct experience in the operations and requirements of software for the industry.

On top of this we have a large team of 29+ staff who handle product support, development, training and technical support throughout Australia, USA, New Zealand and the UK.

Aaron and Renee ran one of the largest window covering retailers "Kornblum" in Adelaide, South Australia specializing in all internal and external blinds, shutters, awnings, drapery and soft furnishings.

During this time they built 2 specialized software platforms for use in their own company as no other software available truly understood the specific needs and requirements of the industry as no other software providers had the required industry experience. This journey and experience led to the creation of Smartpad Pro, the worlds only complete business management system built by the industry for the industry.


When Smartpad’s founders were running a major curtains and blinds company, they knew there had to be a more efficient way to manage processes and stay on top of performance in the window furnishing industry.

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Countries Smartpad Pro supports include Canada, United States, England, Australia and New Zealand.

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We empower businesses by providing innovative smart software for the window furnishing and flooring industry.

We achieve this with a powerful combination of industry experience, inspired thinking, a driven team and continued focus on strategic development.

Our software enables aligned businesses with the tools to drive more sales, save time through automation and view real time leading insights into the success of your business.

Collaborative Innovation

To have the best possible user experience, while thriving on feedback and communication.


Empowering our team to provide a better balance and freedom of choice.

360 Degrees

A team built on balance, goals and values

Pursuit of Excellence

A thriving, passionate pursuit to have the best product with the best team.


Automate Invoices & Payments with Live Account Integration

From the first appointment to installation and final payment, Smartpad Pro gives you everything you need for a seamless, mistake-free experience for your staff and customers.

We don’t just make processes easier for our retail clients; we simplify the order process for our client's manufacturers as well.

Our automation and reporting tools outstrip the capabilities of any other software. Window furnishing companies can finally have the efficiency and control they’ve been looking for.

Setup your Smartpad Pro platform to work seamlessly with the way you run your operations and teams manage their tasks.


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