Automate Processes & Reporting


Automation & Reporting

Our automation and reporting tools outstrip the
capabilities of any other software. Window
furnishing companies can finally have the
efficiency and control they’ve been looking for.

Payments integration

Smartpad Pro integrates with your payment gateway so your staff can process payments through the platform – whether it’s through the sales or install team out on site, or admin staff back at the office.

We currently integrate with Paypal, eWAY, Secure Pay, Stripe, & Square; Zip Pay & AfterPay will be included soon.

Any staff member with access to Smartpad Pro can process payments from any device

Take deposits at appointments, and the system will send the clients their receipt

Payments synced to your accounting system

Mark orders as Account, Client, Finance, or Purchase Order with customised statuses available

Account integration

Our comprehensive account integration tool keeps all invoicing and payments accurately in sync with your accounting system, without the need for hours of manual work.

Smartpad Pro integrates with Xero, MYOB Account right, MYOB Essentials and Quickbooks.

Automatically and seamlessly create invoices and apply payments

Easily run overpayment and pre-payment systems

Setup ‘Tags’ to easily map sales from Smartpad to specific sales accounts in your accounting system

If you have multiple companies or locations, seamlessly map invoices for different companies or locations to different sales types in your accounting system

Master console for multi- store management

Smartpad Pro doesn’t just simplify store-to-store operations – we take out the complexities of managing a franchise or a business with multiple stores.

Manage 2 or 2000 stores from a single master console, with a customised tiered system so it’s easy to monitor & manage operations at national, state, regional & single store level.

Customise the system to effectively manage stores at numerous levels

Set up customised performance dashboards to get live reports & data at any company level

View & manage all attached stores orders & appointments directly from the console

Create custom profiles to allow different levels of access to different staff members

Control settings such as attached store’s pricing from your master console, or un-attach the pricing control so that stores can do it themselves

When it comes to the master console’s functionality, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It can do far more, including customised development to meet client-specific needs.

One-Click Ordering for larger organisations
One-Click Ordering has been designed for organisations putting through a large amount of orders, who don’t have time to send them individually. It allows you to send manufacturers and suppliers large volumes of jobs at once, while breaking these down for the manufacturer, making it simple for everyone.

Break down each job into brands and products

Group all orders’ products into their respective brands, then order all products required from each supplier in one go

See the amount of each product to be ordered, and cost price value

Easily search clients and purchase order numbers, to view individual order details as needed

Access detailed records of past One-Click Orders to see exactly what was done and by whom

This system is designed to work in sync with our API integration for manufacturers so that they can receive your One-Click Orders directly into their system.

You can still use it without the integration –you send all orders via email in One-Click, while the manufacturer receives them as individual PDF and Excel sheets for each order.

Once orders are sent, they are automatically marked as ‘ordered’ on your main workflow manager.

Reporting & performance dashboards
Having the right information on hand at any given time is something that’s long eluded managers and supervisors. Our reporting and performance tools are comprehensive enough to capture and calculate the information you need, and user-friendly enough to display this to you and your staff in a way that’s fast and easy to understand. From high-level company reports to individual staff sales performance, you can finally know what’s happening in the company anywhere, at any time.

Huge suite of detailed reports with multiple views: A grid view displaying raw data, or graphic views of bar graphs, line graphs and pie charts to get the data displayed the way you want

Ability to filter reports for sub-companies, teams and individual

Individual dashboards for sales staff, displaying only their sales performance information from a huge amount of stats, with a comparison against the set sales budget

Upgrade feature Admin Dashboards allows you to create detailed dashboard views displaying critical company information

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