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  • 1We will get in touch with you to arrange a time for your demo by sending you a link to check the available days and times and book one that suits you via our online calander.
  • 2The demo will take place via a screen share using Zoom, you will have all of the details of the Zoom call in the e mail and invitation sent to your e mail address. At the time of the Demonstration you can either use the speakers and microphone on your computer or there will be phone numbers provided in the Zoom invitation you can call to conference in by Phone.
  • 3If you want a large amount of people to participate in the demonstration, we can connect with multiple computers in different locations. Each person can be added to the appointment via the online booking or simply share the Zoom ID.
  • 4At the time of the demonstration we will connect with you via the Zoom screen share.
  • 5We will guide you through our platform, which usually takes 60-90 minutes to cover the main functions.
  • 6If you have any specific areas you want us to focus on, or functions you would like to see in more detail, just let us know in the call.