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The most powerful quoting and business management software for the Window Covering Industry.
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Product & pricing management

We take care of setting up all your products and ongoing updates, completely free of charge.

Where most software accommodates just one manufacturer or pricing structure, we support every manufacturer and supplier, so you can accurately factor in every element when quoting. We currently have over 3 million fabrics and 25,000 products already in our system, and if your products aren’t already in there, we’ll add them as well*.

Product and pricing management allows you to control the exact products you want to allow staff to sell, with the mark-ups and margins, and gives you the ability to control split mark-ups and margins & recommended retail prices

 Comprehensive product builder access allows you to manage products to suit you:

  • Control what fields are mandatory for staff to select
  • Control what information shows on the quote, order, or install and measure sheets
  • Set default selections to be pre selected for staff as they sell product, and much more.
  • Control your individual supplier discounts for your account.
  • Control staff discounts to allow or disallow discounts for certain products.
  • Set up customized product deductions on your orders; for example automatically calculate tube sizes, skin sizes, base rail cuts for every single product.

Set up & control pricing tiers for different pricing levels, such as for builders, commercial clients & individual customers. *Allow up to two months setup time.


We enter and maintain all of your products and prices FREE

Never enter or maintain supplier pricing ever again.


Calculate fabric Quantities, Cuts and Generate Workroom and Manufacturer orders Instantly, for all of your curtains, drapes, pelmets, tiebacks, and soft roman blinds.


Soft Furnishing Tool

Smartpad Pro is the only window furnishing software that provides a comprehensive, easy to use and customisable soft furnishing tool.

Calculate all fabric quantities and cuts, produces fabric orders instantly, and produce workroom orders for manufacturing

Control what information your clients see, what’s shown on screen, what information is on your workroom manufacturer order, and what information is on your install and measure sheet

Seamlessly calculates all S fold and wave fold type headings with various carrier spacing and tape spacing

Set up customizable allowances for different track types, hook allowances and width adjustments to get the perfect details every time with no confusion

 Customize and control all of the allowances used in all calculations to ensure our tools calculate the fabric quantities and cuts exactly the same as you do now

Create simple and easy rules to automatically adjust pricing, such as additional costs for certain measurements. We set these up for you

From our product builder, control your entire set up, add new versions of the products, and change and update prices


Configure and control your system to suit you

No two companies are the same – so no matter how many features are built into a system, if they aren’t easily customizable to suit your business, it just won’t work the way you need it to. Smartpad Pro has the flexibility to control and customize quotes, message templates and rule-based surcharges, among many other things.

Complete Control

  • Setup quote, order, receipt and invoice templates to include the information you want, with your company’s branding.
  • Setup email and text message templates for over 20 different functions.
  • The system comes pre-loaded with templates that can be tailored to automatically add client names and other variables.
  • Set up customised rule-based surcharges on products that automatically added to quotes.
  • Control & customize numerous other features and tools.
Configure & control your system to suit your needs


Configure and control your system to suit you

Individual employee configurations

  • Have complete control of exactly what screens and functions your users can see, do and edit.
  • Control employees discount ability to set maximum levels.
  • Control employee email signatures, email addresses, and BBC and CC settings.
  • Setup automatic notifications to specific employees from various functions within the system.
  • Team & multi-company configurations.
  • Set up separate teams on the system to make it easy to filter your scheduler, reports & other areas.
  • Add a sales budget for your sales team and track company sales performance at both team and individual levels, while allowing employees to see their individual sales performance.
  • If you’re running multiple companies within the one account, set up profiles for each staff member that automatically have the correct logo and branding for their respective company.


Complete access from any device on on any screen

Together with our user-friendly interface, you can rely on our smart and secure backend.

Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with daily RDS backups, and a separate backup on our dedicated Smartpad Pro local server.

Our comprehensive RDS backups are taken hourly for 48 hours, daily for 3 weeks and weekly for 3 months with our code base backed up automatically upon each new deployment of updates. On top of this, we entrust “1Password” to secure all access and password permissions.

Smartpad Pro operates on the AWS Elastic Beanstalk system, hosting Smartpad Pro in Sydney Australia, Singapore, UK, and California, eliminating latency and keeping our services local to each user

AWS provides load balancing, secure data and an EC2 service agreement level of 99.95% uptime reliability.

Current code languages used: Docker, Laravel 5.8, Vue JS, JQuery, Gitlab CI/CD, HTML, Redis Cache, PHP 7.3, CSS(SCSS), MYSQL Database.

Smartpad Pro works on any device, or any screen size.



Automate Invoices & Payments with Live Account Integration

From the first appointment to installation and final payment, Smartpad Pro gives you everything you need for a seamless, mistake-free experience

We don’t just make processes easier for our retail clients; we simplify the order process for our client's manufacturers as well.

Our automation and reporting tools outstrip the capabilities of any other software. Window furnishing companies can finally have the efficiency and control they’ve been looking for.

Setup your Smartpad Pro platform to work seamlessly with the way you run your operations and teams manage their tasks.


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