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The most powerful quoting and business management software for the Window Covering Industry.
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Your solution to productivity is finally here

Manual processes don’t just drain time and resources they make for slow customer service, lower conversion rates, and a higher risk of staff making mistakes.

But most software isn’t built for the demands of large teams and multi-store companies, and simply doesn’t have the functions or customisations to solve inefficiency issues.

Smartpad Pro has been built specifically for companies like yours. By streamlining every part of your customer-facing processes, showing staff how to stay on track, and making it easy to monitor performance at any level, we are helping many large businesses simplify their operations – and reduce costs and increase sales as a result.

Ease and flexibility for staff, managers and customers alike.

Improve customer experience

Improve Customer Experience

Give your customers a seamless experience with fast responses and turnaround times.

Detailed order statuses visible to anyone in your business, so your admin team can answer customer queries on the spot.

Every part of your workflow is connected, so it’s much faster to process orders, while easy appointment booking, quoting and payment gives customers a professional experience.

Increase Conversions

Smartpad Pro sets up your sales team to close more sales. Our automated quoting tool allows staff to calculate and provide quotes at appointments, so they can close sales on the spot.

The integrated CRM makes it easier for staff to follow up quotes. Managers can keep sales staff performing better – they have dashboards to monitor all follow-up actions, and can set up quote management processes that automatically tell staff what to do when.

Complete Product & Pricing Management

We upload and maintain all product & fabric price lists FREE of charge.

With over 3 million fabrics and 25,000 products currently in the system, we are continuously adding new products, and make updates to our existing validated brands.

validated brands


We completely automate your Tax Calculations.

Save manual hours

Improve Efficiency By More Than 30%

Smartpad Pro does a lot of things, but most of all it saves time – in some cases reducing sales and admins teams workloads by over 30%.

From streamlining your workflow and automating manual processes we remove the time-consuming tasks and make the cumbersome processes fast and easy.

Boost Staff Performance

With comprehensive dashboards to track sales performance, you can manage one of your most important teams far more effectively.

Team members can also access their personal dashboards to assess their own performance.

Advanced Quoting Tool

Our quoting tool is virtually fool-proof.

Advanced Quoting tool

Simply enter the measurements and follow the prompts to select the right options for each part of the order.

Control your operations

Gain Control Over Your Operations

For multi-store businesses or franchises, you can manage your entire company or group of companies from a single master console.

Its tiered system and performance reporting makes it easy to monitor your operations at any level, so you know what’s happening anywhere, at any time.

Customise Your System As You Need

Any real software solution for window furnishing businesses needs to be powerful enough to offer a wide range of functions, but flexible enough to adapt to the each company’s individual needs. Smartpad Pro has been designed for both.

After years of trialling and development, we’re confident to say that if a feature needs customising, then we’ve thought of it.

Customise your system

Ready to Simplify Your Business?

"Smartpad Pro has sped up our processes and helped us give our customers the best possible experience."

-Nathan Zorbas, The Blinds Gallery

Large business demonstration

There’s so much more to show you …

Smartpad Pro has been built by window furnishing professionals and refined based on client feedback, so we’re confident our solution will give you everything you need.

But there’s only so much we can tell you.

See it for yourself with an online demonstration, and make your operations easier, sooner.


Automate Invoices & Payments with Live Account Integration

From the first appointment to installation and final payment, Smartpad Pro gives you everything you need for a seamless, mistake-free experience for your staff and customers.

We don’t just make processes easier for our retail clients; we simplify the order process for our client's manufacturers as well.

Our automation and reporting tools outstrip the capabilities of any other software. Window furnishing companies can finally have the efficiency and control they’ve been looking for.

Setup your Smartpad Pro platform to work seamlessly with the way you run your operations and teams manage their tasks.


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