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The most powerful quoting and business management software for the Window Covering Industry.
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Working long hours to keep workflows running smoothly?

Running a window furnishing business can be tough – we know, we’ve been there ourselves.

It’s time-consuming staying on top of everything that needs to be done, and common for employees to make quoting mistakes or waste time on inefficient processes.

Customer service can be slow when the right staff aren’t available, and it’s almost impossible to properly track employee and business performance.

Smartpad Pro is like having an extra staff member who manages everyone’s work … and reports it all back to you.

It’s time you let Smartpad Pro take the job off your hands.

Smartpad Pro

Smartpad Pro is the most advanced and user-friendly window furnishing software available on the market today. Built to create streamlined processes and smart automations, it drives efficiency and increases your sales more than any other software can.

Sick of slow processes? Delayed customer service? Can’t track performance?

With Smartpad Pro, business for window furnishing retailers is a whole lot easier. Smartpad Pro software simplifies and enhances every aspect of your sales operations, from quoting, to customer service, to employee performance.

Whether you're on-the-road, or busily managing a few fixed retail locations, Smartpad Pro works seamlessly on any platform & from any device with internet access.

Our cloud-based solution works on any operating system, using any computer whether it's a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Perfect to use while in the office, or on the road.

Our small business solution is designed to free up your time, ensure accuracy and increase efficiencies allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Workflow Manager

Automate your systems & processes

The powerful workflow manager allows anyone to view and manage every step of the sales process, all in one place.

With built-in integrations to your existing applications, it allows staff to seamlessly book appointments, measure and quote, and process orders and payments – wherever, whenever.


You no longer have to leave complex calculations to senior members of your team.

Smartpad Pro’s Quoting Tool enables any staff member to enter the data from their measurements into the platform, which automatically generates the correct quote. To keep all your quotes accurate, we keep all of your product and pricing information updated on the system, so it’s ready for your staff every time they quote a job.

More staff autonomy
Save manual hours


Smartpad Pro’s Quote Tool can cut down complex quotes from 1 hour to 5 minutes.

Our integrations and automations perform the repetitive tasks, giving staff more time.

What’s more, by keeping your product and pricing updated, we save your staff many hours of going through catalogues and entering updates.


Say goodbye to awkward and slow customer service.

Smartpad Pro facilitates an effortless process for your customers – from fast bookings, to quality quotes, to easy payment.

Most importantly, customer updates are easy for anyone to see in the system, so you can answer their queries straight away instead of waiting for their sales rep to return.

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Smartpad Pro can save a 6-person business up to 40 hours per week

*Estimates taken from client statistics



Configure and control - We take care of setting up all your products and ongoing updates, completely free of charge.

Where most software accommodates just one manufacturer or pricing structure, we support every manufacturer and supplier, so you can accurately factor in every element when quoting. We currently have over 300,000 fabrics and 15,000 products already in our system, and if your products aren’t already in there, we’ll add them as well*.

Set Your Own Price Controls

Set up & control pricing tiers for different pricing levels, such as for builders, commercial clients & individual customers.

  • Control your individual supplier discounts for your account.
  • Control staff discounts to allow or disallow discounts for certain products.
  • Set up customized product deductions on your orders; for example automatically calculate tube sizes, skin sizes, base rail cuts for every single product.

*Allow up to two months setup time.


Automate Invoices & Payments with Live Account Integration

From the first appointment to installation and final payment, Smartpad Pro gives you everything you need for a seamless, mistake-free experience for your staff and customers.

We don’t just make processes easier for our retail clients; we simplify the order process for our client's manufacturers as well.

Our automation and reporting tools outstrip the capabilities of any other software. Window furnishing companies can finally have the efficiency and control they’ve been looking for.

Setup your Smartpad Pro platform to work seamlessly with the way you run your operations and teams manage their tasks.


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