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Streamline Your

Business Processes

From the first appointment to installation and final payment,
Smartpad Pro gives you everything you need for a seamless,
mistake-free experience for your staff and customers.

Contacts Management

It’s time consuming going to multiple places to find your client contact information, checking previous messages & digging up quotes. Now your database of clients is easily accessible, easily shareable, & has everything about them that you need to keep track of in the one place.

Message & contact your clients directly via SMS & E mail

Book appointments

View all appointment logs, message logs, quotes, orders &
much more

import your existing client database

Export your client database

Powerful search functionality allows you to search for secondary
or sub contact information

Appointment scheduling
Managing your clients has never been so easy. View and manage appointments, logs, measure and install sheets, and processing and payments, all from their appointment screen. You can even setup automated booking reminders for clients, whose response will automatically change the appointment status.

Manage all your different types of appointments (including sales, installation, measure & service) from the one screen, with powerful filters to view what you want, when you want

Attach all relevant measure sheets, install sheets and any other documentation to the appointment for fast access

Send invoices and process payments directly from the client’s appointment screen

View appointment logs, attach multiple staff to appointments, & create multiple visits to the client’s home, all from the one place

Sync your Smartpad Calendar appointments with your Calendar

Send automated booking reminders to your clients with the ability for them to accept, decline or request to reschedule their appointment. Their response will automatically update their appointment status

Fast and simple drag-and-drop user interface

Each user can customise the screen & layout to their preferences

Access page for quoting client directly from their appointment scheduler

On-the-spot quoting tool

No more hours spent calculating quotes or fixing mistakes. Our quoting tool is a fast, almost fool proof way of accurately calculating and sending quotes on the spot – even for soft furnishings.

Accurately quote curtains/drapes, pelmets, indoor blinds, outdoor blinds, shutters, awnings, window tint, security doors, security screens, and shade sails and more.

Simply enter window or door measurements and relevant details where prompted

Add pictures & images, along with creating drawings within system to create product diagrams

Easily repeat and adjust this process for different rooms

When choosing product options, the decision tree we create for you ensures that only the available & relevant choices will show

Any extra costs based on choices are automatically picked up & added

When quoting, sales tax rates are calculated automatically, Powered By

Easy to select what products go into the quote, and make price comparisons for clients

Automaticallly break up the deposit and balance

Generate quotes with your company’s personal template

Change the display setting within each quote

Email & or SMS the quote with any other attachments you want to send, directly from the quoting screen

We enter, set up, validate and maintain all of your products and pricing – FREE of charge.
Never worry about entering or maintaining supplier pricing ever again.

Quote tracking & automated CRM
Once you have a client at the quoting stage, Smartpad acts as a CRM for tracking & following up each client..

View & manage the status of each quote in a visual dashboard, which detects send/receive/response status & automatically updates

Email and SMS follow-up messages directly from the quoting page

Smartpad tells you if the client has opened the quote email & how many times it has been viewed

View & mange all order revisions & price adjustments

COMING SOON: Upgrade to get our Automatic Quote follow up communication Matrix & Marketing system – this automatically follows up quotes and markets relevant special offers to your clients

Create a simple quote management process that automatically tells your staff what quotes to follow up & when

View & manage all staff’s quote actions on your dashboard to make sure everyone is correctly working on their leads and quotes

Workflow manager

Once a client has had their initial appointment, the entire workflow becomes a smooth but tightly managed process through the workflow manager tool. Not only are you able to see what’s going on anywhere at any time, but staff can also see their own workflows customised to their role, ensuring nothing gets missed.

Dashboard visually displays progress of each client’s quote or order, and flags anything that’s incomplete or needs attention. Create your own custom statuses that suit the way your business manages its orders

Give yourself another layer of search functionality by assigning customised tags to your orders –for example 'VIP client', 'Display home', or 'Urgent order'

Create clear direction and accountability for staff with customised Workflows

Setup custom search tabs so that staff can see exactly what they need to do to complete their job, without having to use cumbersome search filters like they do in other platforms

Final measure bookings and reports are automatically added from the measure & installation tool

Automatically generate all your product and fabric orders, in both PDF and excel form, & email orders to suppliers directly from the system

Orders include QR coded product labels, which can be scanned for automatic inclusion in the system once received in your warehouse

The workflow manager tells you which products are past due and who to follow up

Break down product installations into multiple parts by assigning products to different split installations. Book and manage each install separately in a complete process, including split invoices, split install sheets, and so on

Manage all client payments directly from the workflow manager

See a detailed log of client emails, text messages & phone calls attached to each client’s order

The workflow manager keeps comprehensive audit logs, so you can see all staff members’ actions on the system

Measure & installation tools
Make work straightforward and efficient for your measure and install team. Give them everything they need for easy, mistake-free appointments, while all their data feeds straight back into your workflow manager..

View all jobs booked at a glance and easily search for future jobs

Generate picking checklists to know the exact list of products to take to appointments

Create clear direction and accountability for staff

Access all notes from the appointment booking, quote, order, and the admin team

At the appointment, simply follow the prompts to fill in the information, set the status, & add pictures & drawings

Pressing ‘Submit Report’ instantly updates the workflow manager and notifies the admin team with a detailed report on everything you’ve entered

Simple, clean view for tablet or phone

If you prefer working with paper, you can simply download your measure and install sheets

Integrates with Google Maps to get turn-by-turn directions to the appointment location

Running late? Send a fast message your client through the integrated text message system

Take payments and view message logs through the system


Current Optional Premium Features

Based on our clients’ feedback, we are continuously developing new features that make it even easier to save time, improve performance and close more sales.

Automated quote follow-up and marketing system

Imagine having a staff member who knew everything about your customers’ quote consideration process and purchase history, dedicated to following up and marketing to them. The automated follow-up and marketing tool sends customised SMSs and emails to customers who have been quoted but haven’t yet ordered, and sends personalised marketing campaigns to other customers on your database.

The system’s customisable communication matrix allows you to automate sending messages with the right content, to the right people, at the right time.

It’s going to be the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to increase conversions.

Create communication matrixes that send your quoted customers personalised follow-up messages. These messages are automatically customized to match factors such as:

  • Time passed since sending the quote
  • Assigned quote status
  • Products in the quote
  • Whether the customer has opened the quote email
  • The value of the quote
  • And many other factors

Get detailed information on these email open rates, bounce rates, and delivery statuses

Create customised, automated marketing campaigns. Setup rule-based matrixes that take information from each customer into consideration, including:

  • Time since last purchase
  • Previous purchase value
  • Types of products bought
  • Location

Create as many campaigns as you like and set them up as far ahead of time as you need

Get detailed information on SMS and email open rates, bounce rates, and delivery statuses to know exactly how each campaign performs

Smart Quote – Live quoting and invoicing system

What would get more customers to accept quotes?

How about giving them more options and information in a way that doesn’t overwhelm them, being on-hand to respond to questions, or making the order and payment process automatic?

The Smart quote system allows you to do all this, and get insight into the decision process customers go through when looking at a quote.

Instead of using a PDF, this system sends customer a live link where they can toggle between product options, see attached information and brochures, and live message the sales rep. They can then choose the products they want, accept the order, sign and make their deposit payment all from their quote page.

You also get to a report on when and how many times your customer looks at the quote, what products they look at, and whether they accept the order.

Give customers multiple clearly labelled options to choose from

Get detailed information on these email open rates, bounce rates, and delivery statuses

Add any brochures, images or attachments

Allow customers to message questions from the quote page

Allow customers to digitally sign, accept your quote and pay a deposit from the quote page

See precisely when a customer opens your quote and how many times they open it, and track their live interaction with the quote page

Get automatic notifications straight to your dashboard for all accepted quotes and customer messages

Send automatic and manual e mail and SMS quote reminders for customers who don’t open their quote in a set timeframe

Automated task management system

Automated task management removes the need for closely managing staff by automatically assigning them tasks and tracking their progress.

It allows you to setup various teams or individuals within your organisation with default tasks for quotes and orders. Each time a quote is generated or turned into an order, each person in that team or individual instantly gets notified of their new task and its due date.

The system also sends you reports of who is on track and who is falling behind.

Create default tasks that are automatically assigned each time a quote is generated

Create default tasks that are assigned each time a quote is turned into an order

Assign tasks to individuals or teams

Set guidelines as to how long tasks should take to complete, then tracks teams and individuals’ progress againstthese completion dates

Display 'number of days until due' for each task on staff members' personal dashboards

Enable admin staffto report on overdue tasks across the organisation to help them manage workloads and make sure important work gets completed

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