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Manufacturer and Fabricator Order Management Portal

Got lots of clients using Smartpad Pro? Don't have an API or need an order management portal to manage your orders, Smartpad Pro has the answer. Our order management portal allows all of your clients to easily place orders within Smartpad Pro with one click and allows you to have complete visibility and management of those.

Export orders in excel or PFD
Update order statuses, delivery dates and shipping information that instantly update your clients account in Smartpad Pro
Get product builder and validation access to have complete control of your product ranges
We still build and maintain your product ranges of window coverings
Have the ability to build any products and ranges you need ie furnishings, lighting absolutely anything
Use this with our manufacturer sheets and labels for a streamlined process

Manufacturing Sheets and Labels

Create customised rules and deductions based on product selections or size validations that automatically trigger deductions, additions, or custom formulas that automatically show on product orders for manufacturing. Plus create customised product labels, component labels and picking sheets with specific product information and sizes for each product and component needing to be manufactured.

Create customised labels, controlling the size, product details and deductions to show
Create picking slips for product orders to know what components to get
Create customised rules as the the specific sizes and deductions to be made and shown
Product labels can be used with QR codes to scan products in to Smartpad Pro
Get access to our product builder and validations control to have complete control over your product ranges


Advanced Product Management and Control

Smartpad Pro's product builder and management system is a state of the art configurator with more functions, features and flexibility than any system in the world. On top of the Smartpad Pro team who can assist in managing and maintaining your private label products, you'll also get access to our configurator to give you complete control.

Manage everything fro the product options, configurations, pricing, default options, mandatory fields, validations, rules, and information shown on the quote, order, purchase order and measure/install sheets

Build, Manage and Configure any Products or Services you need

It doesn't matter if your a retail store, supplier or manufacturer, if your looking to add any products or services to your account in Smartpad Pro you can build and manage these with our product builder. Just let our team know and we can set up the brands and make sure you have the access needed to get this done.

Create an unlimited amount or products and services of any kind ie furniture, lighting or service work
If you have a network of dealers control who gets access to your custom brands
Create your own line of in house products for window furnishings and more


One Click Bulk Ordering

Our one click bulk ordering system allows larger retailers to process large volumes of orders in a few clicks. Start by sending all jobs ready to be ordered to our one click system, this system then consolidates orders by manufacturer and category showing you the cost value and quantity on each one. Then when your ready send a single email to each manufacturer with all orders packed into zip files with the pdf and or the excel order sheets, alternatively if your manufacturer is integrated with Smartpad Pro then simply Click to order online and thats it.
Smartpad Pro then sends all orders and automatically marks them as sent starting the tracking process.

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