How fast can you enter 10 windows and products into a quote?

This is where Smartpad Pro shines well above any other software platform, using our copy product, batch update and excel upload you can create quotes with hundreds of products in minutes. For example if you had set up 10 windows in Smartpad Pro (which would take about 4 minutes) and then created a drape (Which would take 2 minutes) you could then use our copy function to add this drape to every other window instantly. Upon using this function Smartpad Pro would automatically re calculate all of the fabric quantities and making prices for the different size windows instantly. In this example we would have created 10 windows, with 10 drapes each calculated for specific fabric quantities and making prices in under 10 minutes.

If you then went back into this quote to change the fabric on all 10 windows using our batch update function it would take another 2 minutes including all of the re calculation of fabric quantities and making prices.

Nothing quotes faster or easier than Smartpad Pro.