Is custom development offered for larger organisations?

Yes. Because Smartpad Pro is built on the latest technology and has 5 full time in house developers were able to help, our team will be happy to speak to you in regards to your requirements.

Smartpad Pro has an incredibly detailed inbuilt training system, with various courses and lessons to guide you and your team through the initial set up and training, then all features, functions and process flows along with advanced training. As a manager you can assign training courses and lessons to your team and have complete visibility on where their up to and if they have completed the assigned training. With over 80 videos and lessons it makes growing your team a breeze as its all hanled in Smartpad Pro.

Yep, Smartpad pro is not only the most flexible and customisable system but also the most expandable system ever. The harsh reality is that most companies outgrow their software quite fast and then get stuck trying to build work arounds as their company grows which defats the purpose of great software. Smartpad Pro was designed with this in mind not only through the huge amount of functions, features and add-ons available but from the ability to have as many locations and different brands running in the one account, or using a tiered “Master Console” you could run hundreds of stores around the country with a centralised management, access and reporting system.

Smartpad Pro is a 100% cloud based system running on the latest AWS (Amazon Web Servers) technology and cloud architecture, meaning its secure, backed up, live and up to date all the time so you and your team know exactly whats happening as it occurs and are all on the same page. Don’t get stuck buying servers which cost you much more in the long term let alone the maintenance and backups or installing systems onto laptops that can get lost or damaged, let alone your whole teams not connected and on the same page.

Smartpad Pro is built on the latest technology, meaning its more flexible and keeps up with the latest integrations and advancements. Being on the latest technology also means we can further develop the product adding new features and functions to continuously help our clients grow. Most other systems are based on 15-20 year old technology that looks like an old version of windows, these are legacy systems that are hard to update and have been band-aided and patched together. Don’t invest in your future with old outdated technology.