Payment and Accounting Integration – Can you process payments in the system and auto sync information to my accounting system?

Yep, its all done seamlessly. Once you’ve connected your Smartpad Pro account to the many payment integrations on offer, then your entire team can process payments on any device even while in the clients home. Plus if you connect to one of our accounting integrations through Quickbooks, Xero or MYOB then all of your invoices and payments sync seamlessly to your accounting system too.

Not only will your entire team be on the same page you’ll, be connected and working as a team no matter where your team members are located. Because Smartpad Pro works on any device you get the full functionality wherever you are meaning the entire organisation knows where jobs are up to and what needs to be done 24/7.

We’re constantly adding new features and functions to Smartpad Pro, in-fact this year alone we have added 9600 hours of development in new features into Smartpad Pro. We are constantly getting feedback and suggestions from clients which form the majority of our development pipeline, on top of this we also plan out 12 months in advance of major feature updates. A lot of these are world first additions so you wont find them in any other Software for window coverings on the market recently they include out Task Management System, Smart Quote / Smart Invoice, and our Specialised Commercial/Large scale project management system.

Sure can! Not only could you build the quote and take payment in the home using the built in credit card payment gateways, you could process the quote and place the orders with manufacturers, and even pre book the installation before you leave. Every function of Smartpad Pro is at your fingertips on any device.

This is where Smartpad Pro shines well above any other software platform, using our copy product, batch update and excel upload you can create quotes with hundreds of products in minutes. For example if you had set up 10 windows in Smartpad Pro (which would take about 4 minutes) and then created a drape (Which would take 2 minutes) you could then use our copy function to add this drape to every other window instantly. Upon using this function Smartpad Pro would automatically re calculate all of the fabric quantities and making prices for the different size windows instantly. In this example we would have created 10 windows, with 10 drapes each calculated for specific fabric quantities and making prices in under 10 minutes.

If you then went back into this quote to change the fabric on all 10 windows using our batch update function it would take another 2 minutes including all of the re calculation of fabric quantities and making prices.

Nothing quotes faster or easier than Smartpad Pro.

Aaron and Renee LeCornu have over 16 years each of direct experience running a large Window covering business in Adelaide South Australia with 25 staff. During this time we specialised in drapes, but covered all of the different window coverings and developed our own software for the business as no existing software really understood the industry and its specific requirements nor the pain points of day to day operations.

During this time Aaron and Renee were asked by existing window covering retailers if they would supply their software for them to use. Because of the growing demand they closed the retail business and put together a large team of developers, technical support and training staff along with product support staff, to custom build the first window covering software built by people with direct industry experience.

Smartpad Pro operates in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and England. If you’r interested in Licensing opportunities outside of these areas including other languages contact our sales team.

Absolutely, optional upgrades and extra users can be added and changed at any time just send your request to our sales team.

Smartpad Pro has multiple ways this can be handled. Firstly you can simply add other companies to your one dealer account which can each be individually branded, different quote templates and email signatures etc. This solution is good if you have a few other stores and want all orders, quotes and scheduling to be in the one account but separated by the different locations or brands.

Alternatively we have a “Master Console” which is used by large multi store companies, head office or head franchisor’s to link all the seperate dealer accounts to one management console. The master console allows you to view all orders and appointments from each store while being able to control pricing for each store if required and instantly access each attached dealers account. The master consoles can be set up with various levels ie county, state and country so the group of businesses can be managed at different levels with reporting and dashboard reports over the various console levels for high level management.

Our top priority is to make sure our clients get all the training and support they need to make the move to Smartpad Pro as easy as possible. We generally find that 5 x 1.5 hour team training sessions are enough to get you started, but every clients different. Because of this we have no limit on initial or long term training and support.