Q: What products can Smarted Pro quote and order?

Smartpad Pro can accurately quote and order any product, no matter how complex. With our Product Configurator, Smartpad Pro quotes:

Plus you’re able to quote and order any product you like that may not be in our system with our custom product entry

Unlike other software, we can support any manufacturer’s product on the market. When we set up a client, we add all your manufacturers to the system, including any private label products that are exclusive to you.

Currently there are over 5,000 products and 245,000 fabrics on the system, with new ranges being added all the time.

We take care of all of your product and price updates, and it’s included in your monthly subscription. All you need to do is send us through the new price list and we will take care of the rest.

Your account allows you to easily control every discount you get from your suppliers. You can control it by either the brand or group of products. All of this information is private and only visible to you.

Smartpad Pro allows you to control all of your discounts and margins within your account any time you like. This information is private to you and only affects your account. It can also be locked and hidden by various user settings, so that only certain people access it.

Smartpad Pro accurately calculates these as well – we customise your soft furnishing calculation and allowances to your exact specifications to make sure it calculates the correct amounts of fabric and making. Smartpad Pro produces your fabric orders with fabric cuts and fabric quantity along with your workroom orders instantly.