Q: What is Smartpad Pro and what does it offer?

Smartpad Pro is the most intelligent quoting and business management software available for the window furnishings industry. Very easy to use, Smartpad Pro allows you to manage and streamline every part of your sales – managing leads and customers, scheduling employees, automatically creating quotes on all products from curtains to security screens, and managing orders and payments. We know it’s a big statement, but there’s nothing our system can’t cover.

Most programs out there claim to be designed for our industry, but once you dig deeper you find they are not much more than a pretty CRM with a ‘made for the blinds industry’ title on top. In reality, there are only a couple programs out there that do anything remotely close to what Smartpad Pro can for your business.

We hate to be blunt, but if you are looking for a program that will do ALL of your quoting, for ALL brands and ANY product type then you’d be wasting your time with anything else. It all comes down to our Product Configurator, our secret weapon that allows us to do things that other platforms can’t.

Smartpad Pro is built for retailers who sell:

It is equally useable and equally beneficial for small businesses with a handful of staff or national multi-store retailers or franchises.

Less than the cost of making an ordering mistake each month. See specific pricing here: View Price Plans.

We’re glad you asked. It’s the heart of our system and what makes us better than the others. And it’s an absolute necessity if you want to generate quotes and orders in a customer’s home. It’s easy to build a system to accommodate just one manufacturer or pricing structure – this is what most programs do. But our system ensures ALL product and option prices are figured correctly, so you can accurately factor in every element of your quoting.

It does all the calculations on the back end, including the factors like grid-based pricing, single line pricing, width based, height based, flat list, percent based, square metre based, add for shutter frames, divide overall sizes by two or three, sub option grids, number of panels, and so on.