Why Smartpad Pro?

Why Smartpad Pro

Simplify sales processes and produce better results


Your solution that's easy to use,

while handling your biggest challenges


David Farren, Jaleigh
Once we saw the difference between Smartpad Pro and other software out there, the choice was obvious. From a customised curtain quoting tool, to the ease in which we can track staff performance, Smartpad Pro actually understand what’s needed to run a window furnishing business and give us all the tools to make it easier


In most industries, technology is making business better, but in window furnishing we haven't had the same success. Small business owners continue to grind out long days staying on top of everything, while larger businesses are losing thousands of dollars in mistakes, inefficiencies, and an inability to measure staff performance.

Other software hasn't helped much - difficult navigate and cumbersome to use, usually it just complicates things further.


Built off real industry knowledge

When Smartpad's founder was a sales manager at a major curtains and blinds company, he knew there had to be a more efficient way to manage processes and stay on top of performance in the window furnishing industry.

Dissatisfied with existing software, he created a platform to help his own sales team, developing it over several years to better suit the way they worked. Since the first publicly available version of the software launched in 2017, we have worked closely with 50 of our clients to refine it into a system that is truly user-friendly for window furnishing businesses, and actually solves their problems.


How Smartpad Stacks Up

Feature No Software Other Smartpad
All products and pricing maintained and uploaded FREE  
Create, edit and manage quotes from anywhere, anytime    Limited  
Quote any product and instantly calculate fabric and making costs for soft furnishings including curtains.    Limited  
Live quoting system with real time client interaction and A/B quoting options      
“One-Click System” to process fabric orders, product orders and workroom orders efficiently.      
Detailed Reporting and Staff Performance Dashboards    Limited  
Create customised workflow processes to suit your business      
Automated quote, order and general task management system    
Monitor and control thousands of stores with your multi-level consoles    
Free training and support with live chat and screen share  Limited  
Easy to use intuitive interface that works on any device    

Why Business Choose Smartpad Pro

We make it easy

Smartpad’s job isn’t to put all your manual processes online, it’s to work out a smarter and more effective way to run your business. While this includes the features and functions we know you will need, we also make it easy by:

Do everything from the one platform

Forget using a multitude of different tools for appointment booking, quoting, follow-ups, accounting and payments.

Everything is done (and just as importantly, tracked ) in the one place, in an easy-to-follow order.

Stay on top of your business from anywhere

Smartpad Pro is a cloud-based system that works on any device, so you can manage your business from literally anywhere.

For small business owners, we free you up to leave and get to that family event, because you can easily check everything whenever you need to.

For larger businesses, we give you the peace of mind to easily manage teams and keep people accountable, even when you’re not there.


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