XERO Getting Started

XERO Setup Guide

You can connect directly your Xero Account to Smartpad Pro Dashboard (including Xero Contacts, Invoices & Payments).  First, you must set up the connection and authorise Smartpad Pro to connect to your XERO account. This is an easy process and normally only needs to be done once.  Once connection is completed, you will be redirected back to the dashboard to setup the required fields to successfully sync data to your XERO.

How does it work?

Here's a DataFlow Diagram that consolidates all the commands used and whole preview functions.

Do you want to see more? Below are the screenshots for your reference.

Connect to XERO

Setup required fields

Order syncing to XERO Invoice

Order Payment syncing to XERO Invoice Payment

A quick video tutorial on how it actually works.

Sync Information & Troubleshooting

  • Only quotes converted to orders after the connection is made will be synced to Xero.
  • Before you set up the sync, please ensure that Smartpad Pro and Xero are reconciled to match.
  • The connection with Xero will only sync your invoices and payments from Smartpad Pro to Xero automatically if they are processed in Smartpad Pro.
  • Once an invoice has been created in Xero, Smartpad Pro will automatically attach a pdf copy of the order to the invoice in Xero.
  • When an order is revised in Smartpad Pro, the invoice will automatically be revised in Xero.
  • The invoice number and reference number used in Xero will be the order number from Smartpad Pro.
  • Once you have completed the connection to your Xero account make sure you return to this screen to complete the set up process.

Troubleshooting Failed Syncing
  • All payments made on orders not synced to Xero will not sync to Xero.
  • All transactions that can't be automatically synced will be noted on the Dashboard & Reports Home page under the section Invoice/Payments Sync Fail.

To remove the connection to Xero

This permanently removes the connection between your Xero Account to the Smartpad Pro Dashboard. After disconnecting, everytime you convert a quote, add a payment or do any action in Smartpad Pro Orders, syncing to your XERO Account will no longer be performed.


How do I disconnect from Xero?

In your Smartpad Pro Dashboard, navigate to your "Settings" module and go to your "Company Settings" / "Account Settings", where you setup your XERO Account, click on the "Accounting" tab and select XERO, then click "Disconnect to XERO" button.

How do taxes appear in XERO once synced?

Tax is based on the Sales Account selected during your account setup. The corresponding tax account attached to your Sales Account is the one that is used.

How do payment processing fees appear in Xero?

Payments are straight forward, payments that are processed in the Smartpad Pro, whether it is via Payment Gateway, Credit Card or Cash. The amount deducted to client is also the amount synced to XERO.

How do I reconcile sales data synced to Xero?

Invoices synced are tagged to Sales Account selected during the setup. You can check it by Sales Account in your XERO.

When and how does data sync occur? Is it manual, automatic, on login, or in real-time? Are there any settings related to synchronizing?

Normally, Syncing happens real-time. Once the syncing fails, you can check it in your "Dashboard" module, "Task & Action" sub module, and click on "Invoice / Payments Sync Fail" and see the reason why it failed syncing - resolve the issue and then manually click the "Sync" button to sync it to your XERO Account.